Prawning is Fun! – January 2017 Update

This is a new series which tracks how I’m progressing with my new years resolutions. I hope it will be lighter, fun read than my other rants that are general just technical or philosophical dribbles…on with it! This month’s highlights is definitely having my parents visit Singapore! We had a blast! A close second would have to be prawning, this month I tried prawning for the first time and it was a hell of a lot of fun.

On to the progress report!


That’s one month down already in the new year. Boy, time flies – 8% of the year is over and i’m happy to say that I have made 8% progress in my new years resolutions! Phew that was lucky…

Resolutions are here for reference.

Weight Below 70kg

I’m going to set the starting weight at 80kg. So the aim is to lose 10 kg (and keep it off) by the end of the year. I have a bet going on as well for this with my wife and my friend. A winner takes all bet. The losers will have to drive on a road trip while the winner (me of course!) gets to sit back and chill. This makes this challenge fun and also even if I lose (as if!) I’ll be able to enjoy a fun road trip.

So far I’ve lost 3 kg i.e. I weight 77 kg at the moment.

Exercise 20x a Month

Didn’t quiet get there this month but was very close!, I managed to exercise 19 times this month. A very solid effort considering my wife won’t let me count prawning as an exercise. All those bicep curls lifting up those prawns gone to waste!

Log 10 Scuba Dives

No dives logged this month. This might be a hard one to achieve this year!

Travel to One New Country

Still planning to explore Hong Kong. Hopefully I get the chance!

Parents Visiting and Prawning

Nailed this one! I tried many new things this month, the benefit of being an expat is that it doesn’t take much to do something new. It’s all too easy to be lazy, get in a routine and bore yourself to death. I love this goal as it pushes me to be more adventurous. Ok…enough rambling.

The main things this week was going prawning at Orto and having my parents visiting Singapore. It’s their first time in a new country. They have only ever being to the motherland Vietnam and the Philippines (as part of the escape from Vietnam!). It was so much fun showing them around Singapore, the place I currently call my home. We did all the touristy stuff and enjoyed the Lunar New Year.

Other new things:

  • Hojicha Soft Serve
  • Visited the National Library (yes…I have been here for nearly 2 years and this is the first time!)
  • Ramen Keisuke – best tonkatsu ramen in Singapore apparently
  • Gyoza King – owned by the same company that owns Ramen Keisuke. Not as good in my opinion.
  • Tangjong Pagar Let’s Eat Food court – yes I count everything!
  • Marina Bay Sands – Flower and Cloud Forest Dome.

Read 5 Books

I finished one book already this year! Very proud of that and was able to actually make good use of the Kindle my friend got me (thanks Alex – don’t worry I’ll be the best man don’t need to ask *wink*). My first book was From 0 to 130 Properties in 3.5 Years (no I do not get compensated if you buy the book through this link – maybe I should set some up to make some moolah…). I believe I read this book many years ago but I don’t remember much from that time. It’s a great book if you want to get started in investing in property and your journey into financial freedom.

Trainer App

Terrible. I didn’t work on this at all this month. Need to really pick this up. I did start working on another app (talk about short attention span!). This other app has been long overdue, I’m developing it to replace my current spreadsheet implementation of tracking my financials and budgeting which I have been doing (poorly) for years. I have been using enveloping budgeting ever since I started working as a 15 year old but never knew the term! I only found out the name last year. If you don’t use this technique I highly encourage you to!

I’ll be working through a set of tutorials on Flask, a lightweight micro framework for building web applications. This will help me deploy my wallets and trainer app.

Buy a New Property

Start of the year isn’t really a good time to sell. People are still waking up…we are looking at the 2nd quarter of the year as a potential sale date. In the mean time we have been constantly looking at properties and figuring out what would be a good investment property. Not easy in this current climate…

Fully Invested Equity Portfolio

Back in the game! This month marks my return to the financial markets as an Australian investor. I took advantage of the pull back in the ASX200 this month to buy some shares in SPDR ASX200 ETF. I have invested in these instruments before so I’m very comfortable with it. I have chosen to invest in the index as opposed to single stocks based on my new investment policy.

So far I have only invested 8% of my capital allocated for investing in non-real estate assets. I’m still heavy in cash earning some decent interest from introductory savings rates.

Disclaimer: : I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving any compensation for it. Please note that all investments carry some risk. You should be aware that the value of your managed investment may not increase as quickly as expected, if at all, or that the value may go down.  I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.