2017 New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! It’s that time of the year again where we should reflect and review our New Year’s resolutions. Last year was a tough year and if look back to my 2016 New Year’s resolutions post, I didn’t manage to achieve much!

Last Year’s Resolutions

I had three main resolutions last year…


My goal was to get back to 70kg. I didn’t get anywhere near there, in fact I think I gained even more weight during the year! This will be back on the list this year, more below.

Investment Portfolio

This was a barely passable resolution last year. I did dedicate a large amount of time managing my portfolio and reduced my rant count to once a month. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot but I did underperform the market considerably (thanks Trump).

Business Ventures

Nope, couldn’t get anything started on this front. There might be an opportunity this year but we’ll see.

This Year’s Resolutions

This year is a little different. I have increased the number of items that I would like to try and achieve this year.

Weight Below 70kg

An existing resolution. I’m still aiming to be below 70kg. This year I want to work much harder on this goal than the others.

Exercise 20x a Month

To assist the first goal, I want to try and push myself to exercise more regularly. I have really failed in this department in recent years, especially since I relocated to Singapore. Exercise can be either weightlifting, swimming, jogging or doing some outdoor activity such as riding a bike/hiking.

Log 10 Scuba Dives

Some would say I have caught the scuba diving bug. Ever since getting my Open Water certification three years ago, I have been looking to incorporate regular diving in my travel plans. This year is no exception, especially since I’m staying in South East Asia which is known for cheap diving options!

Travel to One New Country

I want to travel to a country I haven’t been to this year. There are many countries I want to visit and this resolution will help me make some progress on this. I already have a trip planned for Hong Kong so things are tracking well!

Try Something New Once a Fortnight

I want to focus on doing more this year than working like a machine. This resolution will help achieve that by pushing me to try or do new things. This can be as simple as exploring a new area in Singapore, Malaysia or Indonesia or trying a new restaurant. The “new” criteria is quite loose for this one.

Read 5 Books

I want to start reading regularly again. I missed reading and I don’t do enough of it anymore. Over the last couple of years I have been reading tons and tons of articles but I really want to get back into reading books. I’ll start gently by aiming to read 5 books this year.

Build and Deploying Trainer App

This one might be more obscure to most of you. Over the last two years my job has lead me down the path of software development and I have enjoyed building internal applications and tools. I have no formal training though and there is a lot that is lacking in my software development skill set especially my toolchain.

Late last year I decided to start improving my toolchain in a more rigorous and systematic way. I decided to improve my toolchain in my favourite language Python. In doing so, I started developing an app currently called trainer (source code available on Github) which is meant to help me achieve this goal.

Buy a New Property

This year my wife and I will be upgrading our current 1 bedroom apartment into something bigger. We are looking to continue to invest in Sydney properties. Right now we are thinking of potentially a 2 bedroom apartment in the inner city or a house with land further out.

Fully Invested Equity Portfolio

As I ranted about in my last portfolio update for some time, I have fully liquidated my U.S. equity investments and am looking to enter the Australian market once again. Right now I’m fully loaded up in cash and would like to be fully invested by the end of this year. This is not included the cash injections from savings that will be coming in this year.