New Year New Resolutions

Happy New Year! The start of the new year is always a good time to reflect on the year that has gone past. The skills gained, the goals achieved and the experiences gathered. I didn’t have any specific goals last year that I can remember. This year though I want to make it more explicit and be able to reflect on them at the end of 2016.

It’ll be a tough year but that’s what makes it exciting!

I have always had a long laundry list of things I wanted to do or achieve and that’s never going to change. I think that it is important to focus on working towards some of them as opposed to ranting on and on about what they are. There are three specific things I want to work on this year.


Last year was a tough year…yup that’s my excuse! Last year my fitness level and my overall health suffered dramatically. I gained a whole bunch of weight that I managed to lose back in 2012. I am once again on a journey to drop that weight this year. This will be my fourth time ever…

Losing weight will be an important milestone this year but more importantly regaining my level of fitness that I gained back in 2012-13. The weight gain doesn’t bother me as much as the dramatic deterioration in my fitness level. Back in 2012, at the peak of my fitness level, it felt great, not because I lost so much weight but because I felt energetic, full of life and ready to tackle anything coming my way. Right now, I’m tired, bruised and battered. I want to get that energy back!

So the measurable goal is to get back to 70kg with a regular exercise routine. No excuses. No matter where I am or how busy I get.

Investment Portfolio

Last year was a great year, among the great things that happened I finally started my investment portfolio. I have always had some sort of “investment portfolio” but this year marked a huge change as I took it to the next level and started investing in a completely different country (with different currency) and in individual companies.

This year, I will continue to dedicate a good portion of my time managing my portfolio. There are so many more things to learn as my portfolio develops over time. The goal for this year is to further manage and develop my portfolio. This will include improving my investment analysis and  financial modelling skills.

I have also made a decision which affects this blog. This blog will from now on be dedicated purely to investing and personal finance related rants. I will still provide updates on my Financially Free Mini Series which details my journey in managing my very own investment portfolio.

I will however be changing the frequency of my rants. I will be reducing the frequency of my rants to once a month. This decision was driven by the amount of time it takes to produce the rants (even though it doesn’t seem like it takes much time) but also because I want to produce a more substantial, researched rant on specific investment/personal finance topics. There will still be shorter random rants here and there when time permits.

Business Ventures

Another one on the list that I have always wanted to do. I have always wanted to build businesses from scratch and this year will be the year I take it seriously. I’ll start seriously dedicating some of my time to progressing some of the business ventures that I have in mind.

There’s not much happening here right now but I’m really hoping to ramp it up this year. Not much else to reveal but the goal is to achieve momentum in some of the business ventures. At the minimum I would like to achieve frequent (weekly) discussions on immediate action items, progress, strategy, etc with my business partners. The idea is to have ongoing, continual progress achieving small milestones so that it doesn’t become a half-baked attempt that goes no where (which generally tends to happen with me in this arena).