A new beginning

I’m hitting the big leagues guys! I’m going on the World Wide Web!  My rants will from now on be available on my blog that has just been freshly minted (still rough around the edges and will hopefully change over time…if I can be bothered). I think it’s good time to rewind and think back to how this all started and the purpose of these rants…It sounds like I started these rants long long ago…but in reality it has only been about two months!  So quoting myself in my first rant ever…

inspirationIf you don’t know where this is from…watch Silicon Valley…do it…do it now…

With this slightly new beginning I want to reinvigorate the purpose of these rants and I guess this whole blog now (which by the way is a small division of Sleepy Productions – we are a huge corporation and we are going to take over the world! Pinky and Brain Brain Brain Brain…moving on…).

The Motivation and What The F this is All About

I’ve always wanted to write a blog but never really got around to doing it (read: being lazy). I always found that blogs are a fun way to write down those random thoughts you have, things you want to share (to those dumb enough to read) or achieve some something personal. The only problem though is my English sucks and most the time I don’t make any f-ing sense. I always have trouble expressing my thoughts in structured sentences – I could never fully capture the mental process that goes on in my mind on paper. Expressing it verbally I don’t think I do too badly but it’s still nonsensical half the time. Like I said in my first rant though, I’m doing it for myself…so if it doesn’t make sense to you guys then too bad…I think David So sums it up well (and essentially what I’m trying to achieve here)  in the comments on one of his YouTube videos (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9Gffedef1k)


The ultimate motivation is to create something. What am I creating? I’m creating myself. Sorry I’m going to get all philosophical and slightly emo but fk it! Life presents us with choices every day, some quite significant and others less so but they are choices we have to make whether we are conscious of it or not. One example is me writing this rant and you still reading it (yes I’m talking to YOU! Why are you still reading this crap?!).

So what can you expect to see? You can expect to see my journey, through the choices I make and the thoughts  I have on the consequences of those decisions. So the kind of rants you should be expect to see are on my investment journey, my “career” journey and my life in general (with the random observations and thoughts I have in this weird brain of mine). But that might change…since this is my space (yes that’s right we paid for this domain name), so I’ll rant about whatever the hell I want!


Disclaimer: I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving any compensation for it.



  • Alex

    I guess let the rants journey begin?