Flight Centre – Where is Your Next Holiday?

Another single stock investment – Flight Centre. Flight Centre (FLT) is a household brand in Australia. It has been listed since 1995 and has been negatively impacted over the last decade or so by the technology revolution. Technology has made it easier for consumers to do their own research and prepare their travel arrangements.


A tricky investment given the negative outlook of the their business model…

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Investment Policy Statement Update

I have ranted about my investment policy before here but reading one of my favourite bloggers talk about it recently had got me thinking about it so more. What I realised was that I didn’t really create a formal statement about my investment policy. That’s probably sometimes my investments seem a little incoherent. So today’s rant is about formalising my investment policy into a statement that I can use as a reference.

You should check out his post on it here.

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Savings over a Lifetime

What’s your savings rate? If you added up all the money you ever earned from working and counted how much of that you saved what would that number look like?

That’s what I did recently. Interesting enough even though I have been working in Singapore for over a year and half now I still need to lodge an Australian tax return. I’m must say I was surprisingly impressed with the online system, it was very quick and efficient. My tax return basically said I have zero income as expected!

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Prawning is Fun! – January 2017 Update

This is a new series which tracks how I’m progressing with my new years resolutions. I hope it will be lighter, fun read than my other rants that are general just technical or philosophical dribbles…on with it! This month’s highlights is definitely having my parents visit Singapore! We had a blast! A close second would have to be prawning, this month I tried prawning for the first time and it was a hell of a lot of fun.

On to the progress report!


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New Perspective on Investing

Lately I have done a lot of thinking on investing and have gained a new perspective (again!!). It is nearing two years since I left the Sydney, it has been a whirlwind of an experience personally and professionally. In terms of investing it has made things so much more complicated as opposed to if I was to spend my life earning money just in Australia.

Some areas where things to get complicated are taxation, FX risk and choice of investments…

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Portfolio Update: Trump! Trump! Trump!

Trump! Trump! Trump! The biggest news to rock the financial world since my last update is Trump being elected for president. Sorry for the very late portfolio update…nearly a whole month late actually! It will be the last portfolio update of the year, I won’t be doing one for December. Since the last update there has been another big shift in my portfolio…a bigger shift than when I changed my investment policy…

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Telstra: The Leader of the Oligopoly


It’s nice being on the top. An oligopoly is a market structure in where a few firms dominate the market. The telco industry generally exhibits the oligopoly market structure due to the capital and regulatory intensive nature of the industry. Businesses that operate in this industry can only be viable when they have achieved a certain level of economies of scale. Telstra operates as the leader of the telco oligopoly and this gives it a significant economic moat…

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